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Kiwis 'n Honey | Monkey Bread | Cheesy Quesadillas | Chilly Orange Drink
Blueberry Pancakes Ants on a Log | Cupa Cupa Egg Peanut Butter Cookies | Spiders
Peanut Butter Taffy
| Ice Blocks | Mini Pizzas | Grampa's Dump Cake
Teletubby Banana Rama Nilly Vanilly Maraschino Cherry Pie

Whether we're in New Zealand or Alaska, we love to cook! There is nothing like being in a warm and cozy kitchen cooking easy, kid friendly recipes. We have some great recipes to share with you, just right for little girls and boys....... so follow us and get ready for some yummy treats.

Before we begin though we must advise you to always have an adult with you in the kitchen to help with sharp knives, hot stoves, and reaching important ingredients on high shelves. It's no fun to get hurt so please read this before you try any of these recipes.

Kiwis 'n Honey are so easy and the perfect snack anytime!

Monkey Bread is easy and fun to make. Try different ingredients too!

Cheesy Quesadillas are easy, healthy, and yummy. Savanna G. sent us her special recipe to try and we love it!

orange.gif (305 bytes)Better try a Chilly Orange Drink before it gets too cold outside. This is so refreshing after you've been outside playing all day.

blueberry.gif (285 bytes)Grampa makes the best Blueberry Pancakes for us. We used to help him pick the blueberries in the backyard - there's a jillion blueberry bushes in Alaska!

brwnant.gif (247 bytes)Have you ever eaten Ants on a Log? We have and we love them!

Ccookies.gif (2104 bytes)This is the easiest, peanutiest cookie in the whole wide world. We call it Cupa Cupa Egg Cookies. You'll see why when you read it!

spider2.gif (283 bytes)For a really creepy treat, try Spiders.... Yummmmmmm

taffy.gif (1012 bytes)Uncle Scott taught us to make Peanut Butter Taffy and it's lots of fun to make.

pop1.gif (951 bytes)We love Ice Blocks any time of year. (That's a popsicle to some of you). Try these tasty ways to make your very own.

pizza_bullet9.jpg (1736 bytes)Who doesn't love pizza? Pepperoni is our favorite and you can make these Mini Pizzas at home.

pie4.gif (1094 bytes)Try our Teletubby Banana Rama Nilly Vanilly Maraschino Cherry Pie. This is the best! We made it up one day when we had some bananas that were getting just a wee bit brown.

cake.gif (2550 bytes)Now this is the most delicious cake and so easy for us to make that we're sure you could make it too! We make it for Grampa and he loves it. It's called Grampa's Dump Cake because you just dump everything in a pan and cook it!

Are you hungry yet? We are! Our Mum & Auntie Susan have written a cookbook called "For the Love of Cheesecake" and you can see it at Alaska Recipes, which has lots of links to yummy recipes from the great State of Alaska. Watch for our kid's cookbook coming out in the fall of 2005. We're workin' hard to get it out.

This is so neat! Check out the Sea Muffin Project. You are going to love these sailing muffin makers. Follow their adventures as they sail around the world.

Want to have some fun while you have a healthy snack? Visit The Acme Virtual Detective Agency and help us find Carmen Sandiego courtesy of The Learning Company and Mattel Interactive. This is a great place to discover just how much fun learning can be. The Practical Kitchen and Online Cooking Resources are other great websites that we'd like to share with you. Visit them for tons of yummy recipes and special holiday recipes.

We'll be back with more yummy recipes for you to try. Hey, maybe you could send your favorites and we could put them here so everyone could enjoy them. Just send them to The Wee Kiwis and watch this page for some more delicious treats.

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