Alaska to New Zealand and back to Alaska with the Wee Kiwis.
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Meet the Wee Kiwis Meet the Wee Kiwis

Our house is filled with fun things to do and exciting places to explore. Please come in and stay awhile.

We are sisters who live in Alaska but we've also lived in New Zealand. We are ages 6 and 8. We go to school where each day is an adventure in learning and discovering great things to share with old friends and new. We started school very early in New Zealand because children are ready to learn when they are very young and they understand that in New Zealand. This has helped us in Alaska and we're sure it will help us all of our lives. School is lots of fun and we love to read and write in our journals. We even have swimming in school and we love to swim too! That's important in New Zealand and Alaska since both places are surrounded by water!

Our Gramma Candy & Grampa Gus live in Alaska and our Grandma Judy and Grandpa Shirwin live in New Zealand! And we have lots of other family members in both places..... We love them all!

We moved to New Zealand because our Dad is a Kiwi and we all decided it would be a good idea for awhile. We all have computers because they help us keep in touch with our family no matter where we are. We like writing our own e-mail.

It's very interesting to travel from one end of the earth to the other. We have learned so much and want to share it with all of you. While you browse through our site you will find lots of great links to Alaska and New Zealand plus recipes, stories, holiday adventures, fun graphics, games, surprises, awards, and even a coloring book! We hope you have fun and come back often.

Here is a picture of us looking for you from our playhouse in Alaska. Our Grampa Gus built it for us. When we slide down, we land in a huge sandbox. In New Zealand we have a great swing and a swimming pool. That's lots of fun.

Here are some fun places to go or visit the other Wee Kiwi sites. You never know what you may find.........

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Thank you for visiting us.

Thanks Pat!


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